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Following the initial consultation a fee proposal is prepared and sent to the client.  If the proposal is acceptable, confirmation is required from the client (called an instruction) for work to commence.  Normally the first stage is for a measured survey to be carried out and once this has been done existing drawings are prepared. 

Existing Drawing

After the existing drawings have been finished, initial designs are prepared and forwarded to the client.  Once the client has had an opportunity to consider the design, a meeting would be set up to discuss in more detail the proposed design. 

Initial Design

Depending upon the complexity of the proposal, an initial consultation may be carried out with the Local Planning Authority (although this is very rare on domestic extensions).   
Subsequently formal drawings are prepared.  On larger projects these are normally planning drawings, on domestic extensions production drawings. These are then sent to the client for final approval, following approval the planning application would be submitted.

Production Drawing

On domestic extensions the building regulations are normally submitted at the same time as planning.  On larger projects, building regulations would be submitted after planning has been granted, at this stage production drawings are prepared.

The applications are monitored and additional information provided as required. 

At the beginning of the project an electronic project file is created , all drawings and correspondence are available for the client to view at anytime  over the internet over a secure server. 

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